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OK so you here to win money playing your favourite video game, right? And you’re wondering how it works or what you need to do? Well we’ve made this process as simple as it can be, but first, we need you to understand how this whole thing works! We’ve put together a step by step guide, So let’s get started!

1. First up, we wanna know who you are and where you from? This is just to confirm that you aint a alien hacker of some sort, simply complete the registration found in this LINK
2. You’re one step closer to the Mooooney!! In order for you to take part in this tournament, we require an admin fee, pay your admin fee to the banking details below and make sure you send your proof of payment to to validate your entry!

Bank: FNB
Branch: Trade Route Mall (Branch Code: 250056)
Account Number: 62297115117
Name: Premier Attraction 1410

3. Now that you officially a participant, you can view the tournament bracket below, remember the tournament MUST be completed in the allocated time of 5 hours, Each round of the tournament will have an allocated time too. Make sure you are available to play your match; participants that are late or do not pitch will forfeit their match and will not get a refund! No Exceptions!! Unless you Mr Mandela of course...

4. Arrange your match! We’ve provided you with a platform in the form of a chat box below, ALL participants MUST arrange their matches here, Avoid using whatsapp or bbm as we cannot prove that you weren’t talking to yourself 