FFXIV: Free Pass to Melding

FFXIV: Free Pass to Melding

Postby TamamShamoon » Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:33 am

Backwards way of thinking to say the least. No one is demanding it happen, it was a simple suggestion before someone posted a completely overblown response and then it went downhill from there.

Way to completely miss the point. it has zero to do with "I suffered so other people should suffer too." and for the record, I don't oppose all what you just said either. I already got it done, and SE obviously made content easier so new players can catch up, which is exactly the point of making old contents easier, so players can catch up.

It's more to do with the fact that people want free pass to melding just because raid (blue gears) have slots.

To summarize:

Top crafted battle gears have always been meldable, but nobody bats an eye over it

SE makes raid (blue gears) meldable, and everyone loses their mind.

Thing is though, in order to meld every gears, you have to level just about every class (Except for culinary, there's no gears to meld using culinary). I feel it's a slap to the face if SE allowed everyone to meld, even if it's just for open slots. Only reason people want to have free pass to melding is because raiding gears have open slots.

It's not that hard to ask your friends and/or FC mates to meld for you, and I'm pretty sure most don't mind melding for people repeatedly. Of course you can shout, and most crafters are nice enough to do it for free, if not for TINY fee. (Seriously, it's just a flippin click of a button, so ANYONE that asks you to pay them for 250K FFXIV Gil is being an asshole, and refuse, vehemently.) Just keep shouting/asking in places like Idyllshire. There are a LOT of crafters out there.

Edit: Actually let me elaborate further.

For the longest time, there was hardly any reason for DoW and DoM to depend on crafters whatsoever, with the exception of food and medicine.

Players can repair at NPC

Players don't NEED to buy crafted gears to be at their best.

Technically players don't even need to buy crafted gears to level. There's a lot of NPCs out there that sells crafted gears, but they can be pricey.

This is the ONE thing that DoW/DoM have where they can fully depend on crafters to help them out, and it is a VERY simple thing to ask for. (all you gotta do is to right click a player and hit request meld, and it's literally a click of a button and it's 100% workable. No RNG shenanigans. Overall this takes like 15 seconds per gear.)
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Re: FFXIV: Free Pass to Melding

Postby chudik » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:04 pm

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